Why is box color bad?

Box color may look pretty at first until you decide you don’t want that color anymore. The reason box color is so inexpensive, is that its made from cheap chemicals that dry out your hair over time and are incredibly difficult to remove. Good hair is an investment, if you are going to come to the salon once a year to get your box color fixed, its going to be a color correction every time you come in. If you have it done professionally from the start, you will have a much simpler maintenance process, and your hair will not be damaged from the harsh chemicals of a box.

Why do I need a toner?

Everyone has different undertones in their hair.
Black, dark brown, or medium brown hair has red undertones.
Light brown, dark blonde, or medium blonde hair has orange undertones.
Light blonde to pale blonde hair has yellow undertones.
If we go lighter, your natural undertone will show through the color we achieve (no matter what).

Bleaching allows us to get paler colors (depending on how many layers of prior color you have on your hair). We may not be able to achieve the color you are hoping for in one visit. After we lighten you to a stage your hair can withstand in one day, we can then tone your hair. Toner is a temporary fix to neutralize the undertones in your hair.
Green toner cancels red, blue toner cancels orange, and violet toner cancels yellow. Toner lasts approximately 4 weeks. Then it washes out and you are back to your natural undertones. Toner simply will not last like a permanent color, don’t assume that when the toner fades after a month that we did something wrong, its just how color works.

How do I care for my color?

  • throw out that drugstore product
    (cheap product contains harsh detergents that strip your color away)
    (sun lightens hair faster, and will annihilate your toner/fashion color)
  • DON’T do toners on yourself