Haircuts for Short Hair

With summer coming it’s time to get ready for beach days, sun dresses, and new styles!  While many of us choose to overhaul our look per season, you may be questioning what’s in style for short hair.

Hair can be styled short with any texture and type.  For instance many people with curly hair, men and women alike, feel that they are unable to have short styles.  This is simply not true.  With the proper touch from your stylist you can turn any hair into raving fashion, with or without highlights.  Your stylist should understand how your unique hair will fall according to texture and thickness.  It is very important for short hairstyles to be properly layered and perhaps highlighted to compliment the shape of your facial features.  With an experienced stylist, short hair can be feminine on women and flattering to your in style transformation.

How Long Will My Hair Be Short?

Hair grows at approximately 6 inches  per year.  This means that if you are looking for a cool, ambitious, low maintenance look you can try a short style this season and have your hair much longer by the years end.

You also have the option of cutting your hair shorter in stages.  This provides a good way to experience the look and maintenance of a short hairstyle while deciding the exact length you want to go.  As with many clients, once they experience short hair they feel it matches their busy schedules and still adds ultimate beauty to their look.

Where Do I Start?

First, education.  Practice with hair styling and various up-dos.  You may be able to get an idea of how your hair will look short.  Speak to people with short hair and ask how it works with their lifestyle.  You would be surprised how much 15 minutes saved in styling can impact your day!   Browse pictures online or in fashion magazines to understand styles you would consider.

Second, speak to a professional.  Your stylist will know texture, color, and maintenance techniques to recommend to you.  It is important to understand how your hair will respond to a short style, what maintenance is appropriate for your lifestyle, proper styling techniques, and what products to use.

Los Angeles Hairstyle Consultation

With a complimentary consultation you can prep for the summer with a new look.  Petrina 33 hosts a large following of clients with short hair, from conservative to cutting-edge alternative.  You will find she has a vast array of experience.  She will even take your photo and use styling apps so you can sample your look with various cuts and colors.  Call or book online today!

View Petrina 33’s sample collection of short haircut styles:

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