Summer Blonde: highlighting in a healthy way

Summer Highlights

You may be dreading changing your hair into summer colors because you are thinking of high maintenance upkeep and ashy looking blondes.  Does this always have to be the case every year?  Getting a sun kissed look during the summer is easier then you imagine.  There is no need to suffer sweltering heat to get the look of beach days and boating parties!

Regardless of your current hair color, there is opportunity to add a new dimension to your look by adding light tones to your current style.  Petrina 33 understands that the freshness of the season requires a freshness of tone.  For instance, if you prefer brunette hair you can add highlights that will compliment your facial features in a natural manner and give you the look only attained after multiple hours in the sun.  For dark blacks try adding a touch of fiery reds, radiant blues, or bold silvers to reflect a season of excitement!  If you are currently blonde, a subtle highlight can give you a fresh appearance that states your bright attitude towards the season.

How often do I have to maintain the color?

Coloring or highlighting your hair doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive.  Considering the time of year, if you highlight now you can expect to maintain the highlights once every four-six weeks depending on your preference.  This means that you will be due for highlights about three times before the change of season.  For we Angelinos, that equals about an hour of time each month to maximize your look for the summer season of play, pictures, and posting online!

With professionally applied highlights you are assured that your hair will maintain optimum health during the dry season.  Petrina 33 knows the science to applying professional highlights without damaging your hair to a breakage point – something that often happens with less experienced professionals.   Highlighting hair takes a special touch to understand color removal and matching that right tone that compliments your current style.  Any time you are making changes to your style or color be sure to seek professionals with an understanding of hair health in addition to color.  This will guarantee that regardless of playing in the ocean, hiking the highest trails, or attending the latest summer soiree you will be radiating healthy freshness.  There is no need to compromise the feeling of lustrous hair to achieve the highlighted look you desire.

Summer Highlight Hair Consultation

A complimentary consultation will give you the tools to stun the summer sun itself.  Petrina 33 is ready to help you transition the seasons with your new look.  Call or book online for a Studio City appointment today!



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